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Motherhood Academy

Helping Mothers To Develop Confidence and The Courage To Continue!

Mothers will use this course daily to build, reinforce and/or gain a better understanding of their relationship with their mother, assess themselves in the most important areas of motherhood, create a vision for each of their Life Values, and engage with other mothers for accountability and support.

Dr. Michelle

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Hi, I'm Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle is an innovative thought leader, professor, strategist, transformational and peak performance coach, author and international speaker.  Her work has impacted individuals and communities around the world.

Courageous Lifestyle


Life Values


what we think and what we believe


our physical, emotional and mental condition


who we are connected to and who we have relationships with


how we convey ourselves to the world


where we live, grow and develop


the world around us and how we interact with it


what we know; both our knowledge and intellect


our contribution to the world


how we choose to spend our personal time


our accumulation of and possession of assets

Motherhood on another level

Motherhood Academy

Helping mothers develop confidence and courage to continue with 10 life values. A personal road map for your 10-week journey to achieving motherhood excellence. 

Motherhood Academy
Digital Course University

Turn your talents into treasures

Digital Course University

A program for creating, launching, selling, and scaling your digital course. A unique implementation that makes course creation simple, accessible, and profitable while building your tribe.

Achieve Excellence

Society of Womanhood Elevation

Membership which includes organizing and managing your life and business with 10 life values, etiquette training, utilizing soft power, fitness, social graces and more to achieve a life of excellence.

Society of Womanhood Elevation

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Courageous Conversations Podcast

Dr. Michelle dives into the stories behind the power of moving to triumph from trials on the journey to excellence in life and business. Courageous Conversations weaves the journey that entrepreneurs, innovators, subject matter experts, business owners and educators take on the path to creating the life they desire.



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Courageous Lifestyle Publishing

Inspired Wisdom: Letters To My Younger Self About Values

A multi-author international collaborative book project based on our 10 life values.