Courageous Lifestyle
Dr. Michelle


Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle is an innovative thought leader, professor, strategist, transformational and peak performance coach, author and international speaker.  Her work has impacted individuals and communities around the world.  She has a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies and has served as faculty at University of Prince Edward Island, Canada; Messiah College, and Penn State University in the US.  She has worked with international entities, state government, and local organizations to stimulate transformation, productivity and growth.  She focuses on enriching lives through examination of values to create intergenerational and multigenerational empowerment and success. 

Dr. Michelle has helped companies and individuals expand their growth in a corporate environment, as entrepreneurs, as subject matter experts, and has developed individuals to leadership status and top producers. She has experienced business successes such as facilitating business growth and strategy development, trained and coached leaders and their teams in sales, elevated mindset and personal development, and consulted with companies to improve development strategy.

Dr. Michelle serves as the Executive Vice President & Business Development Director for AGame, improving the lives of men, families and communities, and has helped the company increase international exposure and growth.

Currently, Dr. Michelle also serves women who are seeking excellence through transformational peak performance. She has created success throughout the years, and is developing a new platform “Courageous Lifestyle” built on the foundation of the 10 Life Values. This work allows her to motivate and courageously inspire others to move from stagnation to significance, and develop excellence and confidence in every area of life. She is dedicated to serving all who are in quest of a fulfilled examined life. Further, she understands the importance of reinventing oneself, nurturing a family, combining passion, purpose and power to be unstoppable, while achieving alignment and balance. She believes unequivocally, and thus she is a living testament, that with effective systems, order and structure in your life you can flourish with an organized and well managed life. She teaches women to live victoriously through a supportive community, proper leadership and divine guidance, so they can embrace their soul journey, tell their story and courageously believe that all things are possible!!